Business Advisory Services

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Introduction to Business Advisory Services

Business advisory Services provides business enterprises the role of a catalyst to undertake a more incisive understanding of their businesses and an analysis of a wide range of business operations, processes, use of technologies as well as the ability to evolve and use fast, integrated and customized solutions for effective decision making, grasping and anticipating emerging trends, leading to result-oriented performance.

Significant changes in business, operations, processes and activities cannot usually be achieved with conspicuous success unless management efforts are supplemented by the right level of professional skill, expertise and experience. Likewise, enterprises facing the same kind of problems and challenges may not be able to resolve with off the-shelf prescriptions unless issue identification and remedial solutions emerge from a rigorous professional approach sensitive to each client’s market and competitive situation by working in concert with client, which ultimately determines how well the client would be able to create economic value through creative solutions.

The goal of value addition thus entails hard-hitting strategic financial planning and management, proper positioning of individual product lines and business advisory services, analysis of operations and working practices, review of organizational structure, determination of operational performance and efficiency benchmarks, key performance indicators (KPI) benefit optimization through use of proper technology solutions, well contemplated management of supply of goods and services, realistic control and management of cost through innovative procurement by responsible inventory management and effective distribution logistics, growing market share, seriously targeted marketing activities, meaningful knowledge of customer base, timely competitor analysis, sharply-focused pricing structure, service oriented customer relationship, fully motivated management and work force, properly structured organization, strategic marketing plans, regular customer surveys and a host of such goals of business integration and excellence.

Helping companies to achieve their vision by strategic orientation with regard to above and many such other perspectives is what business advisory is all about. Services thus are directed towards:

  • Helping clients evolve their vision and mission statements
  • Strategy development to reap rewards of change which is accelerating exponentially and manage risks implicit in the venture
  • Appraise business proposals and develop a range of options for enhancing enterprise value
  • Identifying ‘value drivers’ of business
  • Assistance in performance management appraisal
  • Advising on change-management and change-enablement
  • Assisting in strategic financial planning process

Business Advisory Services include:

Clients intending to set up a new business or expanding an existing one need sound and realistic feasibility studies to assess the viability of the project. Generally a comprehensive feasibility study comprises a technical feasibility, market feasibility and a financial feasibility, the depth of the study depending on the scope determined by a client. Technical feasibility is carried out in consultant with industry experts and specialists, wherever required. Technical study may be all-encompassing or selective and may include options for technical design of the plant, its best location, the vendor(s) most suitable for the projects and such other factors. Market feasibility focuses on factors which may include current market trend indicated by demand and supply, future growth potential, price sensitivity and a whole range of related issues. Assignments culminate in a comprehensive report accompanied by detailed financial projections and analysis and recommendations.

Financial planning and management aim to provide strategic direction sought by clients to enable them to have a competitive edge. The services provided include analysis of different options of sourcing funds and recommending a corporate structure and business arrangement suitable to an enterprise. Assessing opportunities for investing surplus resources with prospects of a high return with a low level of risk constitute an important perspective of strategic planning.

These assignments have specific client focus for improving the bottom-line by profit enhancement or curbing causes of losses. Services generally involve a review of the pricing and costing structure with due emphasis on reducing or eliminating wastages of all sorts relevant to an enterprise. Guidance is also given to management in developing proper cost centers, budgets and MIS through a comprehensive report outlining our recommendations for remedial actions.

Translating a corporate mission statement into reality requires a blue print of strategic steps and milestones envision able in the future. Since strategic planning seeks to strike an optimum utilization of available resources and that too looking into the future, it may rightly be called a visionary’s job description. Acumen, intuition, scientific knowledge and data combine to form a business strategy plan. And what more, the plan needs periodic reviewing. The more aware corporate leaders often seek external assistance and advisory services at the formulation as well as review stages.

Identifying the correct product-market combinations is the key to entrepreneurial success. This objective constitutes the core of market research and in the periphery of research lays market information that is required for sustaining these combinations. Customer perception, issues in the distribution chain, market penetration and segmentation, position of one’s product or service with respect to competitors’ are variables that are dynamic and impact marketers within short periods. Periodic feedback on these variables, therefore, minimizes decision-error and provides strong empirical and intuitive insight for strategic decision making. A range of market research activities is offered that call for in-depth research and critical interpretive analysis –“thinking on behalf of the client” - to enable the client to make major decisions in resource allocation.
In addition to above, we also provide consultancy in the following areas:

• Valuation Advisory Services
• Financial Modeling Services
• Strategic Corporate and Financial Planning Advisory Services
• Privatization
• Foreign Investment advisory and facilitation services
• Foreign Exchange Advisory Services
• Advisory Services for Corporate Compliance and Reporting
• Advisory services and support to Trusts, Foundations, NGOs and other forms of “Not for Profit Organizations”

It is pre-requisite to evaluate a particular market prior to target it. Evaluation of a market is accomplished by process of market research. Market research is useful tool which provide wide spectrum of areas of a market which need to be assessed in order to get feasibility of entering in it as well as bridges the market information gap across the organization.

It entails following practices:

• Market size analysis
• Market growth analysis
• Market segmentation analysis
• Market product positioning analysis
• Competitors' analysis
• Contemporary pricing, placement and promotion analysis
• Potential market places analysis
• Customer need analysis with respect to client’s product
• Domestic producer and manufacturer analysis
• Importers analysis in regard with client’s product
• Other pertinent analysis on need to know basis

These activities reduce the market failure risk up to minimum level. Further, resources of an entity are deployed in effective and efficient root to win market share at an early stage and reasonably assure growth in it.